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Jan. 29, 2008

We won an award!!!


Special Jury Prize: The Spirit of Independence.


On our Sundance last days,

we continued having very good screenings,

even the 8:30 AM on Saturday was full.

Jack is back on the bus.

B camera is on the bus with Jack.

We'll post some footage from his 48 hour Greyhound trip,

as soon as he's back.

We'll also include some B camera shots from the

Awards Ceremony.

Stay tuned.



Ji what?

Jan. 22, 2008

It was very exciting to watch the film
in such a great room.
Geoffrey Gilmore's (Sundance Director) introduction
got the audience ready for the film's journey.
And taking this trip in the company of great 1200 people,
made today's screening sensational.
Jack arrived.
Later on, we went to the Anywhere USA party thrown by the
Western North Carolina Film Commission
and the North Carolina Film Office
great end to an amazing day!
3 people asked Mike to touch his hair.